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CURE - An Apollo Hospitals cancer care initiative

The CURE foundation is an effort by Apollo Hospitals to bring cancer care to those who cannot afford it. Cancer among the poor is lethal. Due to a lack of information and resources, delays and inadequate treatment are the norm. CURE extends preventive as well as rehabilitative cancer treatment to the economically backward.

Objectives of CURE


Prevention & early detection

CURE aims to spread awareness about cancer, its causes, symptoms and treatment options. This will benefit not only the population at large but also those at a high risk, such as chronic tobacco users, people with a family history of cancer etc. It will also guide general practitioners and health professionals in early detection of the disease.

Prevention of some cancers is possible by educating people about lifestyle, diet, hygiene, harmful effects of tobacco and smoking cessation. Early detection of malignant conditions can have a huge impact on the final outcome.

Spreading knowledge

The future of oncology lies in research. The CURE foundation will undertake active research in basic sciences and in clinical fields.

Knowledge grows by sharing. The CURE foundation will promote scientific exchange and spread of knowledge by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops etc. Sponsoring individuals for fellowships to renowned institutes abroad will also further this cause.

The foundation will update the medical fraternity of the latest techniques and hopes to provide a comprehensive data bank with periodicals, reference books and internet facilities to help doctors dispel ambiguity inherent in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Treatment options

The CURE foundation is networked with specialists in reputed hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering, City of Hope & New York Hospital to provide the most updated treatment to impoverished patients for whom this would otherwise be a distant dream.

CURE can pool the world's best technologies, techniques and clinicians' expertise to serve this cause. It will also use the multi-modality Tumor Board where specialists from all oncological branches come together to offer unbiased opinion regarding each patient's treatment.

Rehabilitation & care

Cancer patients need social, psychological, physical and vocational rehabilitation. The CURE foundation offers patients a holistic approach towards seizing the moment, the day and their life ahead. It will guide them about lifestyle, attitude, exercises, diet and more.

Care of terminally ill patients is stressful but imperative. The foundation will play a role in assuaging the needs of such patients.


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