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Apollo Hospitals - Disaster Relief Programmes

The Apollo Hospitals Group is deeply committed to provide the most timely and efficient assistance in every possible manner - from medical support to financial aid , whenever disasters and calamities strike the community . It is always at the forefront of relief assistance through a multi-pronged approach, and pledges men and material towards the relief and rehabilitation of victims in multiple locations.

Cyclone relief at Andhra Pradesh - May 1990

A Cyclone relief camp was set up at Machilipattinam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh which covered surrounding islands and villages for nearly 10 days.

Earthquake relief at Maharashtra - May 1994

Relief work was done at Latur, Maharashtra to help the victims affected by the earthquake

Cyclone relief at Andhra Pradesh - November 1996

A cyclone disaster relief team was sent to East & West Godavari districts in Andhra Pradesh. The team was based at Amalapuram near Rajamundhry, which covered surrounding 12 places including interior islands. About 3500 patients were provided relief.

Earthquake relief at Gujarat - January 2001

A multi-speciality medical team of 30 personnel and support staff with OT equipment and medication rushed to Morbi, Gujarat in response to the massive earthquake in January, 2001. Flying medical squads were set up performing over 40 plastic and orthopedic surgeries. Medical teams went from village to village treating patients on the spot.

Tsunami relief at Chennai - December 2004

Apollo hospitals played a susbtantial role in providing medical care to the victims of the Tsunami that struck South India in December 2004.

  • Over 12,000 patients were treated at the special Tsunami relief medical centres set up in Chennai, Nagapattinam, Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Colombo
  • Medical services, food, clothing and medical teams to affected areas were despatched through our network of hospitals
  • Over 200 medical professionals were positioned at key locations
  • Ambulances and medical supplies worth over Rs. 2 million were sent out
  • A contribution of Rs. 10 million was made to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in Tamil Nadu,
  • An additional contribution of Rs. 3 million was made towards the relief funds in Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka
  • A dedicated Helpline number was created to enable members of the public and concerned corporates to extend their support

Disaster Relief Floods in Chennai - November 2005

A Medical relief camp was arranged at Kotturpuram, Chennai, for victims affected by flood and treatment was provided to over 2000 persons.

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